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Fighter Pass 5 coming soon!

The 5th DLC fighter has been confirmed-- (on top of 6 more fighters in development). On January 28th, the 75th character will be playable on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We'll find out how the meta-game is affected by the "Sword of the Creator." But based on the reveal trailer, I'll probably find Byleth's female version to be more playable, using my Waifu-ness to my advantage. Even though, I've never played a Fire Emblem game in my 29 years of existence, I find the franchise to be very cinematic, and pleasing to the eyes.

Do you find yourself maining Byleth? Share your strat! With low mobility, high damage, punishing range, but punishable frames, we can only wait to find out how the match-ups will be. Explore match-ups with Team Friendly Fire in our Ver7.0 and happylemon Battle Arenas to gain competitive edges -- because "I'm gonna get flashy!"

Good luck and have fun!

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